Our cubic metre bags are loose filled with hardwood offcuts. This is predominantly oak, but may contain quantities of ash, sweet chestnut or sycamore.

Please be aware: our firewood is not seasoned, and will require a period of drying before it is ready to burn.

"Burning wet wood can result in more than twice the amount of smoke emissions than from seasoned/dry wood. The heat output from burning wet wood is significantly reduced, and chemical buildup on the inside of the stove and chimney can increase the risk of chimney fires" (DEFRA).

Due to new rules introduced by DEFRA in February 2021, we can only legally sell wet firewood in quantities of 2 cubic metres or more. Therefore, the minimum purchase is 2 bags of offcuts:

2 bulk bags of hardwood offcuts: £130.00

Price includes VAT @ 5 % (fuel)


To season your firewood you will have to store it under cover for a period of time until it reaches a moisture content of below 20%. Moisture content can be measured using a simple, hand-held moisture meter.

"Timber should be stacked on bearers (off the ground) in a sunny, windy location, under some form of waterproof cover with open sides. Ideally the prevailing wind should blow through the stack. If possible, cross
cut logs should be split to less than 10cm diameter. This allows moisture to move from the centre of the log to the
surface more easily" (Forestry Commission).

Bulk Bag of Oak Offcuts

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