Belvoir Sawmill is fully operational, processing a range of homegrown timber species, both hardwoods and softwoods.

We believe in supporting the British timber industry, and recognise the multitude of benefits that come from planting trees and mananaging our existing woodland. Where possible we source our timber locally, although this is getting harder and harder given the increasing demand for the resource. All of the roundwood that we process is still sourced in Britain, but we do supplement this with oak beams from mills in France. All of the sawn and Tanalised softwood that we purchase comes from British sawmills.

We not only buy British to support our timber industry, but also because we know that British timber is sustainably harvested. The UK Forestry Standard sets out the criteria and standards for the sustainable management of all our forests and woodlands, which are protected through a combination of legislation and best practice woodland management. Felling trees is highly regulated, requiring a felling license issued by the Forestry Commission, the conditions of which normally include restocking of the felled area.

Please note: we are not FSC certified.

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