The Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR) concern the manufacture, sale and use of biocidal products. All products containing biocides require an authorisation before they are placed on the market, and the active ingredients must have prior BPR approval.

At George Walker Ltd, all of our preservative treated timber is impregnated with Tanalith E to protect against fungal/bacterial decay and insect attack. Tanalith E has BPR approval. 

A key requirement of the BPR is that we inform our customers of the biocidal ingredients used in our timber, plus the key health and safety guidelines that should be considered when using it. The relevant information can be found in the product label below. This information can also be found attached to packs of timber in our yard, and printed at the bottom of your till receipt/invoice.

For more information about using timber treated with Tanalith E, please see the following 'Treated Timber User Guide'

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